IOTA’s 10th Anniversary/Local Notables Showcase

Friday, March 5th, 2004

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Iota Club and Cafe
2832 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA  22201
(703) 522-8340
9:00 p.m. $8  Iota Club and Cafe *(Mike and Chuck acoustic at 10:05pm view complete schedule) hosted by Mike Holden; Jon Kaplan (Bicycle Thieves); Justin Sheehy (Jonasay); Nefrit El-Or; Shane Hines; Meghan Hayes; Dave Greksouk (The Reserves); Tim Bracken, Lee Wilhoit & Phoebus (Sweetie Pie Jones); Justin Jones; Scott Kurt (Carroway); Leah Morgan; Andy Zipf 

Set Times

* (updated Friday, March 05, 2004 4:20 PM EST)

         Jon Kaplan 9:00-9:05
         Mike Holden 9:10-9:15
         Scott Kurt 9:20-9:30
         Justin Sheehy 9:35-9:45*
         Meghan Hayes 9:50-10:00
    New Mike Shupp 10:05-10:15
         Dave Greksouk 10:20-10:30*
         Andy Zipf 10:40-10:50
         Justin Jones 10:55-11:05
         Nefrit El-Or 11:10-11:20
         Lee Wilhoit 11:25-11:35
         Tim Bracken 11:40-11:50
         Phoebus 11:55-12:05
         Leah Morgan 12:10-12:20
         Shane Hines 12:25-12:35
         Mike Holden 12:40-12:50
         Jon Kaplan 12:55-01:05


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