City Park Sound (v1)

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City Park Sound (v1)
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City Park Sound (v1)

Scanned black and white photo of City Park Sound (v1), with Roland VS-880EX Digital Studio Workstation and VS-CDRII CD-R Drive, Fostex X-15 Multitracker, EV Sentry 100A Studio Monitors, Boss DR-550MKII drum machine, Midiman MIDISPORT 2×2 interface, Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop computer.

Date: September, 2001
Location: Falls Church, VA, USA
Kind: PNG
Dimensions: 1440 × 1440
Size: 1,199 KB
Collection: City Park Sound (v1)
Contract Address: 0x9d5d…f5c5
Symbol: $MTSCPSV1
Token ID: 1
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Blockchain: Base Mainnet
Block Number: 2796571
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