Damaged Beyond Repair – Not

Taylor 310-ce

Have finally bitten the bullet and taken my Taylor 310-CE in for a neck reset, after weathering the Washington, D.C. humidity for a year. The innovative “NT” neck-joint on new Taylors is actually designed to allow neck angle readjustments for just this purpose, and luthier Jim Warwick at Music Technology in Springfield, VA, has done a half-dozen neck resets on Taylors, including one of his own. And since we’re doing a reset, we’re going to try some 12s instead of 13s for string gauge… there’s already tone to spare, I’m going for maximum playability. Jim seems to think we can get down to about 3/64″ string action, that Taylors are designed for just that. And it’s all warranty work… I’m officially excited again.