More on Spotify Payments


Clear thinking here, in this great article posted to hypebot.com by David Macias, of Nashville-based Thirty Tigers… he addresses recent misinformation and assumptions being perpetuated about Spotify royalty payouts and fairness in the evolving digital music landscape.  Understanding digital revenue streams is hard enough, without the added confusion of factually incorrect social media posts being widely shared and re-tweeted:

“Saying incendiary things that aren’t based in fact is damaging. The music industry stuck their heads in the sand about the pros and cons related to the digitization of music in the 1990s, conducted their affairs in an atmosphere of fear and lack of understanding, and many bad decisions resulted. The power in the music industry is now shifting from labels to artists and managers. Now that we have more control, let’s be careful not to make similar mistakes because we’re approaching the discussion from that same vantage point of misinformation and fear.”

Read the whole article here:

Making Dollars: Clearing Up Spotify Payment Confusion – hypebot