Showcase at Iota Club and Cafe

Iota Club & Cafe, Arlington, VA
Arlington, VA

Had a lot of fun at the Local IOTA Notables Showcase last night. It was great getting to hear so many different performers in one night. The 10-minute set times had everyone buzzing, trying to get our songs in without going over. Amazingly it all seemed to flow pretty well; Mike Holden and Jon Kaplan did a great job emceeing the proceedings. For my set, I started off solo with a new one, Take Me Away, and then Chuck joined me for Ordinary Way and What Did You Mean. The complete list of performers, in order, was Mike Holden, Jon Kaplan (Bicycle Thieves), Scott Kurt (Carroway), Justin Sheehy (Jonasay), Meghan Hayes, Mike Shupp, Dave Greksouk (The Reserves), Andy Zipf, Justin Jones, Nefrit El-Or, Tim Bracken, Lee Wilhoit & Phoebus (Sweetie Pie Jones), Shane Hines, and Leah Morgan; and Mike and Jon closed out the night with a few more tunes each. IOTA’s new photograph collection looked great, I’ll have to have a more leisurely look on my next visit. Congrats to Steve and Jane and the whole IOTA family.