Taking The Plunge With LastPass

Password Management

What with the “Cloud” coming and all… I’m going to finally give this a try. “All data is encrypted locally on your PC… automatically synchronizes your data – access it from anywhere at anytime.”  And so far, wow… extremely cool technology. And they’re local, too… fun!

LastPass – Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Management

“We’ve taken every step we can think of to ensure your security and privacy. Using an evolved host-proof hosted solution, LastPass employs localized, government-level encryption (256-bit AES implemented in C++ and JavaScript) and local one-way salted hashes to give you complete security with the go-anywhere convenience of syncing through the cloud. All encrypting and decrypting happens on your computer – no one at LastPass can ever access your sensitive data. LastPass’ Security Challenge also allows you to identify weak account data and provides suggestions for significantly improving your online security.”