NFT Embed by Universe

A new NFT widget-based embed tool from Universe called NFT Embed combines NFT card display with wallet connect and marketplace functionality, and includes the ability to list and sell NFTs that you own from your own webpage.

The single NFT display card can be customized by width and height or responsive width, and can also display as a vertical card. You can even display an entire collection as a marketplace, with sorting, filtering and searching capabilities.

Existing NFT Embeds from Marketplaces

For my back-catalog album “This Time” I had created individual full-detail pages on my site for each song’s NFT, and included a corresponding marketplace embed widget at the top, which would link back to the NFT’s page on the marketplace, for bidding and buying… examples here from Zora auction and OpenSea:

Zora and OpenSea embed widgets
Screenshots: Zora (left) and OpenSea embed widgets

NFT Embed

NFT Embed single NFT card view provides a much more full-featured widget which enables “buy now” functionality from within the embed on your own page, with wallet connect, offers and purchasing, and creator royalty tracking:

NFTEmbed Card View
Screenshot: NFT Embed Card View
NFTEmbed vertical display, iPhone screenshot
NFT Embed vertical display, iPhone screenshot
(Spotify embed mine)

The full collection view rivals the functionality of a stand-alone marketplace, and appears to pull some descriptive data from OpenSea:

Screenshot: NFT Embed Collection View – Mike Shupp “This Time”

Sales made through the embed incur a 0.3% fee which goes to the UniverseDAO. The NFT cards can flip over to the back view, which shows the NFT metadata properties, and when your wallet is connected, the fee splits as well:

Screenshots: NFTEmbed Card_Back View

I first learned of NFT Embed in an 8/29/22 Arweave News article found here. The embed tool currently supports the ERC-721 token standard and can be found at nftembed.org.

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