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Mike Shupp
This Time
(Private Mind)

On Shupp’s delightful third solo release “This Time,” he gives the discerning music lover just what the doctor ordered – catchy melodies, tight guitar playing, and songs with substance.  A true rarity, as you out there still hooked on radio no doubt realize.  Far from the typical tepid tales of lust offered by talentless tots barely old enough/bold enough to even know what lust is, Shupp’s songs have a certain bite and meaning that can only come with life experience.  He’s loved, lived, stolen your girl, lost her again and found another prettier than her and then probably dumped that one!  He’s done it all – and, from the crunchy, poppy sounds of this CD, he does it to a very engaging melody line (and clever lyrics don’t hurt)!  Once again Shupp has crafted a fantastic CD full of the sounds radio should be yearning for.  “This Time” should be the perfect time for those who love great melodies and clever lyrics to discover Mike Shupp. — 4 stars

— Scott Homewood
( Issue #5, Q.3 2003 )
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