Radio, Radio: Where Are You Now?


Mike Shupp
This Time
(Private Mind Records)

Does anyone remember when songs like Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend” conquered mainstream radio?  Sadly, that seems like such a long time ago.  Mike Shupp’s latest disc is a power pop clinic, and another fine representation of precisely what’s missing from the airwaves these days.

Aside from drums, this gifted Washington, DC area based singer/songwriter performs all instruments on This Time.  The end product is a truly pleasing array of hum-evoking melodies in a tradition not too dissimilar from acclaimed former DC scenester, Tommy Keene.

Right out of the gate, the first three tracks (including the title song, “Came To This” and the wonderful Pete Yorn-ish “Another Life”) are a very strong opening statement.  But, this disc is hardly front-loaded.  Several other tunes are equally impressive, including “Ordinary Way”, “Good Again”, “She’ll Come Around”, and the brilliant closer, “Love Comes Down

While This Time navigates midtempo terrain throughout, Shupp’s acute ability to come up with varied hooks, textures and knob-turnings results in enough range to satisfy even the most discerning of pop fans.  For more information, please check out Mike Shupp’s website at www.mikeshupp.com.

 — Mike Sweeney
( April 15th, 2003 )
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