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Billboard.biz | Music Industry
Billboard.biz | Music Industry

Nice to see I’m not the only one who gets excited by the continuing awesomeness that is the Bandcamp publishing platform… as I blogged about, 3 weeks ago, their new mobile-optimized pages really knock it out of the park (like everything else they do), and folks are taking notice:

“Bandcamp has absolutely killed it with its new mobile-optimized web pages. Life just got a lot more difficult for MTV, which last week put Artist.MTV pages into public beta and will give it a mobile push later this year. MySpace might as well give up…”—Billboard


Follow the links below to read the whole Billboard article, visit the Bandcamp site, or check out my music on your phone (scan QR code for quick link):

Link – Bandcamp Kills It With New Web-Optimized Mobile Pages

Link – Bandcamp

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