Mike Shupp Merch on Spotify

Mike Shupp Merchandise on Spotify
Mike Shupp Merch on Spotify

Mike Shupp retail CDs (and future merchandise) are now available for purchase through Spotify. Merch will display in the Spotify apps and web players toward the bottom of the main artist page, as well as on each album title page, respectively.

Displayed merch items link to full product detail pages where the final shopping cart and checkout process takes place. Stay tuned for coming additions to the new store…!


Beautiful Music Store Widget from CD Baby

CD Baby Music Store

“We’re really excited to announce the arrival of CD Baby’s new Music Store Widget. Sell downloads, CDs and vinyl directly to fans… this free, customizable store can easily be embedded on your website, blog, or Facebook Page.” —CD Baby

The shopping cart within the widget is what’s new here; I haven’t seen that before…

CD Baby Launches New Music Store Widget | DIY Musician.