“A Little Fun / October Sun” Single Available Again

"A Little Fun / October Sun" – Single

“A Little Fun / October Sun – Single” is once again available for digital download as well as physical CD purchase… listen, buy and download here.


Studio Stuff…

studio view

Zogby (drums) and Manitta (guitar, bass) stopped by, helping me get some line levels: 



Volta Park Day 2007

Volta Park, Georgetown
34th & Q St NW
Washington, DC  20007  (Map)
12:00 p.m.  No cover
(Mike solo acoustic)
w/ Eric Rose
12pm – 2pm… Mike plays a short solo acoustic opening set, then joins Eric’s band on electric (Chris Zogby on drums)
[ Set List ]


“A Little Fun / October Sun” Available From SnoCap

“A Little Fun / October Sun – Single” from 1997 is available for digital download for the first time through the SnoCap MyStore retail channel. The SnoCap MyStore is in the early roll-out stages, I’ve decided to release these two tracks as MP3-format, non-DRM protected files, which are playable on all digital music devices including iPod… stay tuned as further file-format and rights-management features of the MyStore become available… try it now here:

A Little Fun / October Sun - CD Single cover (1997)

Format:  CD Single (Buy Physical CD)
Release Date:  October 16th, 1997
Label:  Private Mind Records
All songs by Mike Shupp
Copyright © 1997 Workplace Music (BMI)
Produced by Mike Shupp
Recorded and Mixed at , Annandale, VA
by Mike Harvey
Mike Shupp: Vocals, Guitars
Chris Zogby: Drums
Harry Dailey: Bass
Buddy Speir: Guitar, Background Vocals
1) A Little Fun – 3:01
2) October Sun – 3:26 [wpaudio url=”/clip-MikeShupp_OctoberSun.mp3″ text=”Play” dl=”0″]

(P) 1997 Private Mind Records  PMR-400015


The Washington Post

The Washington Post
January 9th, 2004
MIKE SHUPP “This Time” Private Mind

Washington Post review 1/9/04

There’s nothing complicated about Mike Shupp’s approach to power pop, nothing to dim the appeal of the jingle-jangle guitar work, the clipped, hammered rhythms or the crafty construction of three-minute odes and laments. On “This Time,” big hooks trump big ideas time and again.

Yet the former Big Bang Theory guitarist nevertheless has something to say, mostly concerning the ins and outs of relationships, and his lyrics tend to be as thoughtful as they are concise. His most intriguing songs neatly summarize personal history and lingering tension in a line or two, creating a love-hate dynamic on “Good Again” or swiftly setting the mood for “All Over Town,” a tale of obsession, sorrow and humiliation. Shupp’s sharp pop instincts are an even bigger plus, though, which is why a song as sad as “Came to This” packs a rhythmic punch, or why “She’ll Come Around” is likely to bring Marshall Crenshaw to mind. Shupp does a lot of multi-tasking here, playing guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion while getting a big, booting assist from drummer Chris Zogby. But “This Time” never sounds as if it were pieced together in the studio. More often than not, in fact, it’s like listening to a power-pop band having a good time in real time.

Appearing Tuesday at Velvet Lounge. • To hear a free Sound Bite from Mike Shupp, call Post-Haste at 202-334-9000 and press 8107. (Prince William residents, call 703-690-4110.)

— Mike Joyce
( January 9th, 2004 )
Copyright © 2004 The Washington Post All rights reserved


Big Takeover Magazine

Big Takeover Magazine
Issue 52, Spring 2003

Mike Shupp
This Time
(Private Mind)

On his third solo record, Shupp, formerly of Washington D.C. power-poppers Big Bang Theory, swims in the cozy, melodic waters occupied by Matthew Sweet, Tommy Keene, and Paul Westerberg.  Indeed, fans of each of those should find something to enjoy in this tuneful LP.  From the Velvet Crush-meets-Tom Petty title track to the lovely yearning of “All Over Town,” Shupp, accompanied by Chris Zogby’s propulsive drumming, offers a series of tightly focused, well-turned songs.  For aficionados, a veritable pop feast.  (www.mikeshupp.com)

— John Micek
( Issue 52, Spring 2003 )
Copyright © 2003 The Big Takeover  All rights reserved.