Another Great Night At Iota

Live at IOTA, Sun DEC 7th, 2003
Live at IOTA
Sun DEC 7th, 2003

It was a cold, wintry Sunday night in Arlington, but there was rock to be had inside the cozy Iota Club and Cafe last night. Only our second show with Chuck on bass (and first at Iota), and things felt really tight. The stage is actually big enough now that when there’s not another band’s gear already set up, we’ve got a real nice amount of space to work with… can set the amps back a bit (and turn them up a bit). First gig with the new guitar rig, and it worked great. Still may switch out the second amp (the Mesa), but for now it’s happening. Dave on sound was gold as usual, and a genuine pleasure to work with… it’s just plain fun up there when it sounds that good; a great room. Our set clocked in right at one hour… we were just getting warmed up, too. Scott and Mike from Carroway did a cool acoustic duo opening set, and Cliff Hillis and the Forward Thinkers closed out the night with an excellent full-on rock set, great guitars and harmonies. Baltimore (at the Mojo) coming up this Thursday…


Rock And Roll Comes To Wilson Blvd

Really looking forward to tomorrow night… we’ve got our great bill at Iota, and across the street at Galaxy Hut is Rocket Transfer Warehouse (whose bass player Greg will hop back across the street to Iota after their set, to join Cliff in the Forward Thinkers for their show. Rock ‘n’ roll…


Iota, Sun DEC 7th Line-Up Confirmed

Have confirmed the line-up for this show at Iota… this is a really cool night. Scott Kurt, of Carroway, and Cliff Hillis and the Forward Thinkers will join us on the bill (Sean and Tom of The Samples having cancelled). The night will start about 8:30 p.m., with Scott opening solo acoustic for a 30 minute set. We will play next, in the middle slot (actually kind of nice on a Sunday evening) for a nice long set, then Cliff’s band will play the third slot.
I’ve recently played a couple shows with Scott and Carroway, real nice guys, and great music… Cliff, formerly of Starbelly and currently of one of my favorite bands IKE brings his own band… haven’t seen them yet (only seen Cliff acoustic), really looking forward to it.