Pro Tools® 11 Approved Audio Interfaces and Peripherals

Avid | Introducing Pro Tools® 11, the new standard for audio production
Avid Pro Tools® 11

In advance of the upcoming release of Pro Tools® 11, the Avid Knowledge Base has provided an initial list of supported audio interfaces and peripherals. Happy to see the 003 console and Mbox® 2 are supported: 

Link – Avid Knowledge Base | Pro Tools 11.0 Approved Audio Interfaces and Peripherals 


New Record

City Park Sound

The new studio is up and running, and I am currently at work on the next record — stay tuned for updates, and for new shows to be announced soon…


Pro Tools® 9

I‘ve finally got Pro Tools® 9.0.1 up and running on my laptop, on a separate partition booting into Windows® 7.  It can run in stand-alone mode without any external hardware, just the iLok® — or with my Digidesign Mbox 2® audio interface… very exciting!

Next: upgrade the studio machine…

A couple screenshots:

Pro Tools 9 Mix Window
Pro Tools 9 Edit Window

Avid | Pro Tools® 9 Software

I am plotting my upgrade crossgrade strategy as we speak…

Pro Tools 9