ScoreCleaner iOS App Automates Notation

ScoreCleaner Notes iOS App
ScoreCleaner Notes iOS App

ScoreCleaner Notes is a new iOS app that can record singing or playing and transcribe musical notation on the fly. It works with melody only (no harmony), and is a scaled-down version of the full-featured desktop program, ScoreCleaner. The app version can interpret pitch, time signature, rhythm & meter, and tempo directly from the audio input.  I haven’t stepped into the studio yet to double-check whether or not Sibelius has any extensions for doing this, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen this before.  I gave it a quick try, singing a major scale, and it easily got the pitch, notation and even tempo right.  The app does require an internet connection, since the recording analysis is done in the cloud, similar to other apps such as Dragon Dictation.  The list of features is impressive, and if you also have the full desktop version, the ScoreCleaner Cloud will keep the iOS app and the full version in sync.

Download – iTunes App Store

Website – scorecleaner.com