Bandcamp’s Inter-net Shopping “Cart” (patent pending) is a Thing of Beauty

Mike Shupp – Music and Downloads

Bandcamp, the platform that powers the music sales for this website, recently added a shopping cart feature to their already streamlined checkout-flow. The cart lives conspicuously (which is a good thing) in the upper right hand corner of the page and smoothly updates itself without adding a single click to your checkout. It doesn’t require an account, and shows (for physical CDs) shipping costs right up front and in your currency. I love how Bandcamp focuses on just a few features, and does them each extremely well. And the killer feature for me, still, is having the ability to offer full CD fidelity, uncompressed, 16-bit / 44.1 kHz audio downloads (in addition to high quality MP3 320 and others) along with a PDF Liner Notes booklet. Give it a try

Mike Shupp Music & Downloads – download.mikeshupp.com

Bandcamp – U.S. Patent Application 12,973,070: Inter-net Shopping “Cart”

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Beautiful Music Store Widget from CD Baby

CD Baby Music Store

“We’re really excited to announce the arrival of CD Baby’s new Music Store Widget. Sell downloads, CDs and vinyl directly to fans… this free, customizable store can easily be embedded on your website, blog, or Facebook Page.” —CD Baby

The shopping cart within the widget is what’s new here; I haven’t seen that before…

CD Baby Launches New Music Store Widget | DIY Musician.