Apple Music Connect “Wall Between Us (demo, ’90)”

Recently came across this demo of one of my earliest songs… recorded in 1990 with my good friends Ralph Warnock and Ema, at Ema’s Ikhaya Studios (the “version 1.0” location, in Herndon, VA). Beautifully recorded and mixed at the time by Ema on his Tascam 388 and mastered to DAT, those master tapes vanished, unfortunately, long ago; I have captured to digital here from my last remaining, well-worn cassette dub, via my Nakamichi MR-1 Pro cassette deck, into 96 kHz / 32-bit-float Pro Tools® session audio (cassette dropouts and all…)

Mike Shupp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Ema: Drum programming
Recorded and Mixed by Ema at Ikhaya Studios, Spring 1990, Herndon, VA
Words and Music by Mike Shupp (c) 1990 Workplace Music (BMI)
(c) 1990 Private Mind Records
(p) 1990 Private Mind Records and Ikhaya Studios / Anthr-O-Tone Productions
ISRC: US-PM4-16-00001
upc: 615824001654 | catalog: PMR-400016

New: download now available: Wall Between Us (demo, ’90)

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Ema – “Jozi”



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Nice shout-out from ADK Pro Audio on their Facebook page—they posted a picture of City Park Sound featuring the ADK Core Duo LE Digital Audio Workstation I had them build for me (on the recommendation of my good friend Ema…)

ADK—Facebook post