Explored! “September Sunset in Northern Virginia”

My photo “September Sunset in Northern Virginia” was briefly featured in the Flickr Explore gallery:

September Sunset in Northern Virginia
September Sunset in Northern Virginia | Flickr

While enjoying some nice weather Sunday evening out back on our deck after dinner, my wife noticed the beautiful light coming up on the clouds in the northeast, the direction our deck faces.  We quickly walked around to the front of the house to discover this spectacular sunset.

With just my iPhone 5s back camera, I shot 12 stills and 3 panoramas, in the five minutes between 7:35 p.m. and 7:40 p.m., EDT.  The photo above was the first of the panoramas, taken at 7:39 p.m.  I didn’t upload the photo to Flickr until Monday morning, and then it wasn’t until early this morning that I started noticing accelerating views and activity, and found it in Flickr Explore, Sep 8, 2014 #214:

in Flickr Explore, Sep 8, 2014 #214
Screen Capture of
“September Sunset in Northern Virginia”
in Flickr Explore
Sep 8, 2014 #214

It apparently dropped back out fairly quickly, but still — pretty cool!