Smooth As Velvet

Live at Velvet Lounge

Our “triumphant” return to the Velvet Lounge last night… and first time on the new stage. Start times being what they are here, it was a very late night for us, as Nefrit El-Or and Chrissy Coughlin took the first and second sets, respectively (great sets by both), and we closed out the night. A small but hearty crowd cheered us on, and my friend Mike Ratel snapped some photos. And the stage — who knew? One of the better sounding stages I’ve played on in recent months. The red (velvet?) curtain behind the stage plays a big part (of all nights to wear a red shirt), as do the excellent 2×12″ speaker monitor wedges up front (which, now that I recall, were once in use at the 9:30 Club around the corner…) Took a few songs to get up to speed (no sound check), but before long it felt real good up there. Soundman Craig did a great job and was most pleasant to work with. The Mesa Boogie blew a fuse just as I powered it up to start, and I didn’t have replacement in the right amperage… so it was back to the single amp rig for the night. Thirteen song set list, including the newly added “Forgiven.. next up, Luna Park, 1/30.
Mike Shupp Gig Archive: Velvet Lounge: Tue Jan 13 2004