Timbre Live Music Discovery App

Timbre Music Discovery App
Timbre Music Discovery App

I am loving Intrepid Pursuits’ Timbre live music discovery app for iOS. It’s a really simple and intuitive tool for quickly looking up what shows are happening in your area tonight or in the coming week, and quickly hearing what the artists sound like. Music previews, if available, are pulled from the iTunes store and play immediately. Intrepid Pursuits’ founder Mark Kasdorf says “We want to be a service that lets you listen to a lot of music quickly. We don’t want you to not find any jazz, or any country, because you think you don’t like it…” and The New York Times calls it “radically simple…”

An Android version is expected by year’s end.

Timbre Offers Previews of a Variety of Bands Playing Nearby – NYTimes.com