Wall Between Us (demo, ’90) Download Available


Originally released on the soon-to-be-discontinued Apple Music Connect platform, I’ve made “Wall Between Us (demo, ’90)” available for download for the first time on Bandcamp (the platform that powers on this site. Here’s the original release info:

Recently came across this demo of one of my earliest songs… recorded in 1990 with my good friends Ralph Warnock and Ema, at Ema’s Ikhaya Studios (the “version 1.0” location, in Herndon, VA). Beautifully recorded and mixed at the time by Ema on his Tascam 388 and mastered to DAT, those master tapes vanished, unfortunately, long ago; I have captured to digital here from this last remaining, well-worn cassete dub, via my Nakamichi MR-1 Pro cassette deck, into 96 kHz / 32-bit-float Pro Tools® session audio (cassette dropouts and all…)

Mike Shupp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Ema: Drum programming
Recorded and Mixed by Ema at Ikhaya Studios, Spring 1990, Herndon, VA
Words and Music by Mike Shupp (c) 1990 Workplace Music (BMI)
(c) 1990 Private Mind Records
(p) 1990 Private Mind Records and Ikhaya Studios / Anthr-O-Tone Productions
ISRC: US-PM4-16-00001
upc: 615824001654 | catalog: PMR-400016

New: download now available: Wall Between Us (demo, ’90)


Avid Link Released

Getting Started with Avid Link

From news production, sports production, audio editing and music composing, content creation and the applications that drive the industry are something I have used throughout my career.


Huge New Update To GarageBand for iOS

Apple’s New GarageBand For iOS Is An Electronic Musician’s Dream


Bandcamp Mobile

Bandcamp’s mobile-optimized web pages are still completely amazing—“they’ve absolutely killed it…” Billboard said. I use them for, scan the QR code here to check it out.


Apple ID Now Allows Two-Step Verification

Apple - My Apple ID
Apple – My Apple ID

Apple now offers optional two-step verification for Apple ID, the key to an Apple account, which controls iOS devices, iCloud, iTunes and Apple Support. Google already has two-step verification, and this feature goes a long way toward making online accounts stronger in the current “threat landscape,” as security experts say.  With the new Apple feature turned on, both a password and a four-digit verification code sent to an iOS device will be required to allow sign-in. All cloud storage services should follow suit. Read more:

Increase the security of your Apple ID with two-step verification

Apple ID: Frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID


Bandcamp Kills It With New Web-Optimized Mobile Pages | | Music Industry | Music Industry

Nice to see I’m not the only one who gets excited by the continuing awesomeness that is the Bandcamp publishing platform… as I blogged about, 3 weeks ago, their new mobile-optimized pages really knock it out of the park (like everything else they do), and folks are taking notice:

“Bandcamp has absolutely killed it with its new mobile-optimized web pages. Life just got a lot more difficult for MTV, which last week put Artist.MTV pages into public beta and will give it a mobile push later this year. MySpace might as well give up…”—Billboard


Follow the links below to read the whole Billboard article, visit the Bandcamp site, or check out my music on your phone (scan QR code for quick link):

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