Diamond in the Rough: A Memoir by Shawn Colvin

Diamond in the Rough: A Memoir by Shawn Colvin
Diamond in the Rough
A Memoir
By Shawn Colvin

I just finished Shawn Colvin’s new memoir “Diamond in the Rough” (thanks, Santa) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had always been intrigued by her as an artist; I’d been a casual fan, and had two records (“Steady On” and “A Few Small Repairs”), but never quite understood her songwriting role on those records, which seemed largely co-written and produced by John Leventhal. Indeed, much of the book is about her long journey to find her own identity as an artist and songwriter, and even chronicles the making of each of her albums and how the songs were written… compelling stuff for fellow musicians. I think it’s a well-written book, too, at least insofar as her voice and personality certainly come through; and it’s astonishingly frank as well… a good read.

Shawn Colvin w/ Mary Chapin Carpenter at the Birchmere, 3/30/12
I saw her live for the first time last March at the Birchmere, and glad I did—Mary Chapin Carpenter made a surprise appearance, and they played the rest of the show together, their first time together on stage in many years, apparently… a great night.


9:30 Club / Atlantis

9:30 Club / Atlantis
930 F St NW
Washington, DC 20004-1404
Acoustic songwriter showcase on Atlantis stage (with Shawn Colvin on the main stage)  Solo performances by Lisa Cerbone, Dave Goodrich, Victoria Grace, Mike Harvey, Steve Kaye, Mike Shupp, Julie Sanderson, Sam Spencer
(solo acoustic)