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Hide WordPress 3.8 Black Bar

WordPress 3.8 "Parker"
WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

I use this simple, very nice plug-in from Ciaran Gultnieks to hide the black bar at the top of the new WordPress 3.8 front-end, and to hide/show the WordPress toolbar:

WP MiniBar 


WordPress 3.7 Update Issues

WordPress Version 3.7
Version 3.7

After attempting an automatic update to my self-hosted WordPress install from version 3.6.1 to version 3.7, within the admin panel, the site returned a completely blank page… I was unable to log back in to the admin panel at all, and the public site was down as well. The resulting URL displayed in the window contained:


…and in the the error log (viewable via FTP) was the entry:

Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user() in /wp-includes/user.php on line 215

In the WordPress.org › Support » Installation forum, user photoMaldives had the fix posted here… nice job. 


Rublon — Beautiful Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress

Rublon — Invisible Two-Factor Authentication
Rublon — Invisible Two-Factor Authentication

I’ve been incorporating two-factor authentication wherever I can in my digital life, and mobile apps like Google Authenticator can make it a snap to implement, especially with easy QR code verification. But until now I hadn’t found a solution I liked for WordPress, having tried a number of different plug-ins, only to later uninstall. Enter Rublon, a mobile authentication app I saw reviewed (along with several other apps) on the Torque website, by contributor Jay Hoffmann.  The Rublon app and its WordPress plug-in work perfectly for my purposes, easy to implement and very similar feel to the Google Authenticator process. It’s an additional security layer on top of your existing log in authentication, and with the Trusted Devices feature, you only need to set it up once in any given Web browser, and you can forget it… highly recommend.

Rublon — Invisible Two-Factor Authentication 


Nice Jetpack Update

Jetpack by WordPress.com
Jetpack by WordPress.com

Nice update today for Jetpack by WordPress.com, version 2.4…


  • Enhancement: WordPress.com Connect (WPCC): New Module.
  • Enhancement: Widget Visibility: New Module.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode: Addition of new Twitter Timeline shortcode.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode: Addition of new Presentation shortcode.
  • Enhancement: Shortcode: Addition of new Vine shortcode.
  • Enhancement: Custom Post Types: CPTs are available.
  • Enhancement: Subscriptions: Add ‘jetpack_is_post_mailable’ filter.
  • Enhancement: OpenGraph: Add Twitter Cards meta tags as well.
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS: Update lessc and scssc preprocessors to 0.4.0 and 0.0.7 respectively.
  • Enhancement: Omnisearch: Add Media results.
  • Enhancement: Likes: Use a protocol-agnostic iframe, instead of forced HTTPS.
  • Enhancement: Top Posts: Increase post limit.
  • Enhancement: Publicize: Updated JS and UI.
  • Enhancement: Photon: New filter to let site admins/owners enable photon for HTTPS urls.
  • Enhancement: New jetpack_get_available_modules filter.
  • Enhancement: Subscriptions: Antispam measures.
  • Bug Fix: Add inline style to keep plugins/themes from inadvertently hiding the Connect box.
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Respect the new wp_revisions_to_keep filter.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Only hook jetpack_photon_url into the filter if the user has Photon active.
  • Bug Fix: Heartbeat: Used wrong object, occasinally fatal-erroring out for the cron.
  • Bug Fix: Add an empty debug.php file to the /modules/ folder, to solve some update issues where it never got deleted.

Facebook Embedded Posts

Facebook posts with privacy set to “Public” can now also be embedded in Web pages and blog posts by anyone. An “Embed Post” option is in the arrow drop-down menu at upper right corner, viewable when logged in to Facebook. Here’s an example of an embedded post from my Facebook musician page: